Photo of students in a classroom
Photo of students in a classroom
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There is a lot of discussion these days on whether UX courses as opposed to degrees in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) are worth taking to become a competent UX professional (or UXer for short). You will often find UXers who have at least one degree and a few years of experience complain that the teaching of UX courses is too shallow. You’ll find teachers of these courses often defending the courses they teach because they know the positive impact it has on their students (and of course because it’s paying their salary). …

Resources I’ve used to become a Clinical UX Specialist

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Becoming a Clinical UX Designer after working as a doctor is no easy feat. I’m obviously not afraid of learning loads until the wee hours of the morning nor sitting long and boring exams, but that was whilst I was a teenager. Then it became life long learning as I wanted to have enough knowledge so I could best serve my patients.

Now, life long learning involves between subject experiments, design thinking, research methods and many other UX/HCI topics. There is other essential knowledge a UX designer needs to know too, including an understanding of the many views, opinions and…

It’s a privilege to educate yourself about racism instead of experiencing it.
It’s a privilege to educate yourself about racism instead of experiencing it.
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On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was killed by police officers. He was suspected of passing a counterfeit $20 bill, but even if he was guilty of this, it never justified him being asphyxiated by a knee to his neck for over 8 minutes leading to his death.

It was wrong. There is no justification. Period.

Police officers watched a man dying, crying out for his mother (who was dead by the way, just think about that for a moment). They did not serve and protect the community, they murdered a man in broad daylight.

As a black man, I…

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How people-centred design and design thinking can make healthcare safer

Bad Healthcare UX is killing people. Don’t just take my word for it. Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in America [1]. Someone making a mistake in a hospital is statistically more likely to kill you than severe lung disease or a stroke [2]. In Europe, over 1 in 10 hospitalisations involve a medical error[3]. Patient safety improvement projects, including the design of better healthcare technology and services, can lead to 95 000 fewer deaths, 260,000 fewer incidents of permanent disability, and 3.2 million fewer hospital days, per year[3].

Some shocking statistics, right?

“…follow a people-centred, design…

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With 2min video explanation

Like most people, I never dreamed of starting a career in Clinical UX as a child. I actually wanted to be an artist. I’m pretty good at drawing portraits, but the most successful artists tend to get famous after their death, which didn’t seem very appealing to me. So why start a career in Clinical UX?

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A friend of mine, Greg Schwartz, a product designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa recently asked me if my skills in UX design can be used outside of healthcare? In short, the answer is yes; my skills in Healthcare UX are transferable to UX projects in any industry.

The answer in short is yes; Healthcare UX designers can work outside healthcare.

This is a really good question as it is one I pondered early on in my career. I started out as a UX designer from September 2014. I didn’t know I was doing UX design for the first six…

Clinicians can do a lot more than just treat the sick

My career as a Clinical UX Specialist after working as medical doctor has been the perfect fusion of my passion and interests in both IT and healthcare.

Even before I was a teenager I’ve loved working with computers.

I had no qualms opening up different machines and replacing parts; desktop and laptop computers, PlayStation 2s and 3s, and more. I wanted to know how they worked, how to fix them, and even how to make them better through upgrades.

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Great healthcare UX equals great health for all

I’ve been working in Digital Health and Healthcare UX since September 2014 focusing on the design of healthcare technology and services. In the beginning, I didn’t even know I was doing Healthcare UX, as it was an entirely new concept to me. Since then, I have observed the small but increasing specialism of some UX Designers in Healthcare UX. In fact, three of my modules during my Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction involved healthcare. We now have UX conferences dedicated to Healthcare UX. But what is Healthcare UX and why is it so important?

Healthcare UX is a broad…

Me giving my very first international keynote speech at UX South Africa, November 2016

How I became a Clinical User Experience Specialist

Hi there, I’m Gyles, Clinical UX Specialist and a medical doctor. A combination of professions that is exceptionally rare unfortunately. I only know of a handful of medical doctors who work as UX designers in the world, and a handful more who come from any other clinical background. I’m on a mission to change that through my clinical UX course.

But in this article, I share the first couple of years of my time in the wonderful world of UX, and how I landed in it.

Since 2014, I have worked with startups to large corporations. Companies include the European…

Dr Gyles Morrison MBBS MSc

Clinical UX Specialist, Clinical UX Academy instructor, international speaker, consciously Antiracist. Opinions my own.

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